limes - want and need

How come she married him? She hated him!

“You know, you can finish singing the song to me James…”
“But you will accuse me of being torturing you…”
“Don’t be silly… Finish the song, dear, please.”
And then there suddenly appeared before me the only one my arms will ever hold, I heard somebody whisper please adore me and when I looked the Moon had turned to gold…

i loved you first


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Lily Potter ; 30th January 1960 -31 October 1981
James Potter ; 27th March 1960 - 
31 October 1981

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

“And you were such a cute little pumpkin, weren’t you? The cutest boy in all of Godric’s Hollow, my Harry.”

“Hey!” a voice sounded behind Lily, and she spun around rolling her eyes as James sauntered towards her. “Second cutest. You married the cutest.”

Lily scoffed, but the corners of her lips twitched as she tried to contain a smile. “You wish, Potter.”

“I know it, Potter.”

Lily couldn’t hold back a laugh this time, and James stepped closer and pressed a kiss to her cheek, as he tickled the baby’s stomach with just one finger.

“He really did look cute in that, didn’t he? I never thought a pumpkin could be so adorable.” James chuckled, not taking his eyes off Harry. Lily nodded in agreement, a faint smile gracing her lips. 

“Well, it’s hardly surprising. I mean look at his mother.” She glanced up at James as she tried to look serious, but he burst into laughter which triggered hers as well, and the laughter echoed off the walls, the only sound to be heard in the house.

“I can hardly argue with that, can I? Though, I definitely think the cute genes are from me.” He grinned mischievously as he teased, and he stole a quick kiss from the corner of her lips before continuing. Lily turned her face quickly to steal a kiss of her own, and then she sighed softly, looking down at the baby in her arms.

“I should put him to bed.” she murmured and James nodded in agreement, smiling as the little boy’s mouth stretched in a tiny yawn. James opened his mouth to say something in response, but there was a cracking of twigs snapping in the front yard, and James and Lily froze, looking at the front door. Neither spoke, but they both knew, and both of their hearts seemed to stop beating as they both seemed to know, as if by instinct, what the source of the sounds were.

“Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off!”


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OCTOBER 31, 1981 - James and Lily Potter are murdered by Lord Voldemort, but their son Harry survives.

“I heard my dad,” Harry mumbled. “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard him — he tried to take on Voldemort himself, to give my mum time to run for it…”  Harry suddenly realized that there were tears on his face mingling with sweat.

Terrible though it was to hear his parents’ last moments replayed inside his head, these were the only times Harry had heard their voices since he was a very small child. But he’d never be able to produce a Patronus if he half wanted to hear his parents again.

“They’re dead, he told himself sternly. “They’re dead and listening to echoes of them won’t bring them back.”